5. Wheeler Brothers at Mohawk in August

Memorable in a bad way. How a bad crowd can ruin a show. Redneck glory is not my idea of a good time. Haven’t wanted to see the band again since.

4. Keep Shelly in Athens at Empire Auto in November

Part of FFFNites, this aftershow was killer. I missed their early show at FFF that day, which was their first-ever performance in America. So I caught the second, and the first non-festival performance, which was probably more exciting anyway, because I was about seven feet away from singer Sarah P., max. They were so embarrassed by their fans: stay adorable, mysterious Grecian duo!

3. Weezer at Stubbs in June

Are you effing kidding me? I thought I’d never ever get to see The Band That Saved Me From Country Music play a single song from Pinkerton live. Not only did I get to see the entirety of Pinkerton, I also got to see live versions of Jamie, Suzanne, Longtime Sunshine, and so much more. I scream-sang along the whole time.

2. The AMP Launch Party and Benefit at Moody Theater in March

My first time at a new venue, an amazing lineup, and being up at the front with people I love.

Also, the hilariously terrible and frightening Blue October set was certainly memorable.

1. Gang Gang Dance, at Mohawk (Prince Rama opening) in October

Ethereal, energy permeating the crowd, surreal to see some of those sounds created live after I first caught a glimpse of the band through a free postcard in København.

A totally nutty opener, as well. It’s awkward when you trust fall and no one catches you.