I realize I update this blog almost never, but it’s usually just easier to twitter or, easier yet, just tell a friend whatever I’m thinking.

However, I feel like it’s time for some Songs of An Arbitrary Time Unit. I have undertaken some new music gluttony in the past few weeks, and want to share some songs that I love.

-Hello Seahorse! – Won’t Say Anything. I listened to this song over and over again for about an entire weekend, and many times on my drive to Philly. I’m kind of over it now, but it’s poppy and upbeat and damn catchy. Hello Seahorse! is from Mexico City, and the two albums of theirs I listened to (the names of which I, of course, forget) were decent.

-Alaska in Winter – Close Your Eyes. There’s the original version of this song on Dance Party in the Balkans (2007) and a remix on Holiday (2008). I dig it hard. It’s kind of haunting. It has that dude from Beirut on it (Zach Condon? Yeah.) And I highly recommend both of those albums. Not many words, but such a good sound.

-Ladyhawke’s Paris is Burning and Friendly Fires’s Paris (Aeroplane remix) are both good. (Paris is Burning takes like a minute to get to the good part). They’re making me consider making a Paris mix cd.

There’s a lot more, but it’s all escaping me at the moment. I am gravely concerned, however, because this morning when I was sorting some music, all of a sudden, all my music that started after “I” disappeared. There’s a LOT of good stuff after I. I have nooooo idea what happened, and I left for work desperately hoping that when I come home, it will all be back.